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At the global level, influenza virus (IAV) is considered a major health threat. kainov_03.jpgIt causes  global flu pandemics and contributes to seasonal epidemics. Different treatment and prevention options have been developed; however, these are insufficient in the face of recent IAV outbreaks.

Our goal is

  • to improve human health during IAV outbreaks

Our specific aims are:

  • to determine the principles that govern IAV-host interactions;
  • to develop inhibitors targeting IAV-host interactions;
  • to find genetic markers of individual susceptibility for IAV infections.

Group Members

  • Anastasina Maria, MSc, grad student, HBGS fellow
  • Jalovaara Petri, MA, trainee
  • Kainov Denis, PI, FIMM-EMBL group leader, docent, editor Journal of Proteolysis

Recent publications

Denisova OV, Soderholm S, Virtanen S, Von Schantz C, Bychkov D, Desloovere J, Theisen LL, Tynell J, Ikonen N, Vashchinkina E, Nyman TA, Matikainen S, Kallioniemi O, Julkunen I, Muller CP, Saelens X, Verkhusha VV, Kainov DE. Akt inhibitor MK2206 blocks pH1N1 influenza  virus infection in vitro. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. Accepted.

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Feng L, Lintula S, Ho TH, Anastasina M, Paju A, Haglund C, Stenman UH,  Hotakainen K, Orpana A, Kainov D, Stenman J. Technique for strand-specific gene-expression analysis and monitoring of primer-independent cDNA synthesis in reverse transcription. BioTechniques. 2012. 52: 263-270.

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