Community Relations

Rapid Translation for the Benefits of People and Patients

FIMM’s Grand challenge programmes are directed towards societal challenges and made significant progress during 2013. FIMM representatives were invited as experts in hearings to the Parliament of Finland and provided several statements regarding the preparation of the Biobank Act. Olli Kallioniemi was involved in discussions with Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen on personalised medicine, as well as health strategy of Finland. Our researchers were actively involved in organizing the program for the first European Biotech week.

Reaching Out

FIMM researchers were interviewed several times for TV and radio programmes. More than 500 media hits were generated during the year. Also in 2013 FIMM had numerous visits, e.g. stakeholders (Rector Thomas Wilhelmsson hosted the visit of the directorship of the City of Helsinki), national and international universities and research institutes, industry and schools. During the Meilahti Campus Day organized in March, approximately one hundred high school students got the opportunity to visit our facilities and learn about the research done at our institute.

In 2013, we also made a major effort to improve our science communication capabilities by producing both animations and videos in collaboration with film production experts. The videos describe two modern technologies, next-generation sequencing and drug sensitivity and resistance testing in the context of how they are used in our personalised medicine research. The videos are freely available both in English and Finnish. By now, these videos and animations have been loaded nearly 9,000 times.

Genome sequencing - new possibilities for personalised cancer treatment from FIMM on Vimeo.


Drug sensitivity testing - new possibilities for personalised cancer treatment from FIMM on Vimeo.


Behind the scenes – Filming the personalised medicine videos

Myles Byrne, the Voice of FIMM


Driving Implementation of Personalised Medicine

Together with the Chancellor of the University of Helsinki, Professor Ilkka Niiniluoto, FIMM organised a national high-level discussion event on personalised medicine in February 2013 at Finlandia Hall. The event brought together about 130 high-level decision makers from Ministries, universities, university hospitals, research institutes, research funding organisations, as well as industry to discuss innovative approaches to promote predictive, preventive personalised medicine, both in Finland and beyond. The Keynote Speakers were Professor Dame Sally Davies (Chief Medical Officer for England), Dr. Irene Norstedt (Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission) and Former Head of Group Research of the Roche Group and FiDiPro Professor on Personalised Medicine Jonathan Knowles (FIMM, University of Helsinki).

Chancellor, Professor Ilkka Niiniluoto

Dr. Irene Norstedt

Community Relations