Biobanking Infrastructure

The Finnish Biobank Law entered into force in September 2013. From the point of view of a researcher, the most important change as compared to the old legislation is the possibility to obtain a broad consent from sample donors for future research purposes. Additionally, the law improves opportunities for sample donors to obtain information about ongoing research projects that utilize their samples. Read more »

MIBIDuring 2013, Meilahti Integrated Biobank Infrastructure (MIBI), a jointly managed facility of FIMM and THL, continued to offer a wide range of biobanking services for different research projects. Most desired services were DNA extractions and aliquoting and sample storage services. MIBI improved its sample storage possibilities with an automated sample storage and retrieval system, NitroStore. NitroStore will significantly increase productivity by speeding up cherry picking of the sample tubes in most widely used sample collections.

NitroStoreInstallation of NitroStore automated sample storage and retrieval system was begun in 2013.

In 2013, FIMM participated actively in two comprehensive clinical sample collection projects: Helsinki Urological Biobank (HUB) and Finnish Hematology Registry and Biobank (FHRB). HUB is a joint project of FIMM and Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, whereas FHRB consists of three partners: The Finnish Association of Hematology, Finnish Red Cross Blood Service and FIMM. For both projects, the quality control policies were inspected and the first versions of quality handbooks were generated. Biobank registration processes, required by the Biobank Law, were initiated in both projects in the autumn 2013 and samples are expected to be released for research by the end of the year 2014.

HUB 2013 – The Year of Tens of Thousands of Sample Tubes

HUBThe Helsinki Urological Biobank sample collection project started in March 2012. Since then, the project has been collecting tissue, blood and urine samples, coupled with clinical information, from urological patients in the HUS area at the time of diagnosis and at follow-up visits. During 2013, the amount of sample donors was almost doubled as compared to 2012. Sample collection faced a major increase during the year since the collection expanded to cover the whole HUSLAB catchment area. Additionally, the number of follow-up samples increased significantly. More detailed information:

FIMM Urologia with subtitles in English from FIMM University of Helsinki on Vimeo.


samples A major increase in the amount of samples collected.


FHRB 2013 – The Year of National Expansion



During 2013, six (red stars) hematological units joined FHRB.

Finnish Hematology Registry and Biobank continued collecting blood and bone marrow samples and clinical information from patients with hematological disorders. During 2013, this national project expanded to all university hospitals and a few other hematological units all over Finland, now covering most of the clinics taking care of these patients. Over 250 new sample donors were enrolled and over 13,000 sample tubes stored. More detailed information:

FIMM Hematologia from FIMM University of Helsinki on Vimeo.


HUB  and FHRB in figuresHUB and FHRB in figures.

Biobanking Infrastructure