Infrastructures and Services

World-Class Infrastructure

In the FIMM 5-year Evaluation Report, the Committee stated that FIMM technology platform operates at the quality level equalling the best in the world. They also stressed the fact that the technologies that FIMM is using are now at the cutting edge of a rapidly moving area of research. We are constantly developing our infrastructure (FIMM Technology Centre and Biobank) to remain state of the art by further investments in the equipment (Biocenter Finland, ESFRI), setting up novel technologies, as well as by providing professional research services to researchers locally, nationally and internationally.

Infrastructure Milestones

EATRIS and BBMRI ERIC Decisions in November 2013

The European Commission approved the creation of a new European research infrastructure — EATRIS ERIC in November 2013. EATRIS is the first biomedical ESFRI to be approved as an ERIC and only the third European research programme for which the European Commission has granted ERIC status. The Commission adopted also the BBMRI ERIC decision in late November 2013.

ESFRIs and National Roadmap

FIMM is involved in five research infrastructures included in the national roadmap that was officially published in March 2014. In addition to Biocenter Finland that continues its functions EATRIS, EU-OPENSCREEN, BBMRI and EURO-BIOIMAGING got included in the roadmap.

Ongoing EU Infrastructure Projects




Project Description




Building Data Bridges between Biological and Medical Infrastructures in Europe





European Biobanking and Biomolecular Research Infrastructure - Large Prospective Cohorts




Infrastructures and Services