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FIMM Technology Centre develops methods and provides a broad spectrum of biomedical research services to researchers locally, nationally and internationally. FIMM technology centre operates six core units with a total of 45 technology experts from diverse educational backgrounds being involved in the operations. Technology Centre offers services in the areas of genomics (sequencing, genotyping, expression, methylation and CNV profiling), high throughput biomedicine (screening of chemical compounds, approved drugs, and siRNA, as well as serum, cell and protein lysate microarrays), metabolomics, bioinformatics and IT using state-of-the-art technologies. During 2013, we also initiated setting up translational research technologies, such as biomarkers and imaging and clinical informatics technologies in collaboration with Dr. Johan Lundin’s group. FIMM Technology Centre operates in close collaboration with the Biocenter Finland infrastructure networks and is strongly involved in the European Research Infrastructure (ESFRI) networks (EATRIS, EU-OPENSCREEN, BBMRI). The Centre was supported by Biocenter Finland as a part of the Genome-wide methods, Translational research (DDCB, Biobank), Proteomics and Metabolomics, and Bioinformatics networks, the Academy of Finland (EATRIS), the European Regional Development Fund (for the LifeMarkers project), and the Systems Microscopy Network of Excellence project.

In 2013, we almost doubled our throughput and revenue compared to 2012 by completing altogether over 530 projects serving or collaborating with close to 100 research groups from national and international universities and research institutes, including all Biocenter Finland universities, as well as from a few companies. Technology Centre continued developing the personalised medicine activities in FIMM by providing fast-track services for exome, transcriptome and genome sequencing and drug sensitivity and resistance profiling of patient samples. Further development of clinical profiling services and efficient integration of the comprehensive profiling data is our major development focus.

FIMM  Technology Centre operates FIMM Technology Centre operates six core units with more than 40 technology experts.

graafi 11FIMM Technology Centre almost doubled its throughput
and revenue compared to 2012.

Technology Centre Highlights

Labcyte and FIMM Announced Collaboration

Labcyte Inc. and FIMM initiated a collaboration to further the development of personalized medicine in cancer treatment. FIMM applies Labcyte’s acoustic liquid handling technology extensively in the Institute’s Individualized systems medicine Grand Challenge programme. The acoustic dispensing enables standardized and quality controlled drug sensitivity testing but is also a key technology for developing new miniaturized and accurate readouts for understanding responses to drugs in cancer patient cells.  A further aim of the collaboration is to expand the application of acoustic liquid handling technology in genetic and biomarker research, for example RT-qPCR, siRNA screening and biobanking. As part of the collaboration, FIMM acquired a new “large drop” Echo 525 acoustic dispenser in 2013.  Through the FIMM-Labcyte collaboration, FIMM is now the first academic site in the world where this dispenser is integrated with a “small drop” Echo 550 on one automated workstation offering a complete integrated acoustic non-contact nanoliter to microliter liquid handling assay system. 

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Clinical Sequencing Services Piloted

A clinical sequencing service for inherited disorders was piloted in 2013 with the Primary Immune Deficiency units of HUCH and other national university hospitals by providing exome sequencing based mutation screening for twenty PIDD patients. The fast track services for exome, transcriptome and genome sequencing for cancer samples was further streamlined enabling profiling of over 50 cancer samples.

Computing Infrastructure Upgraded

FIMM´s storage infrastructure was upgraded with a new Dell Compellent scale-out NAS system. This enables our institute to meet the rapidly increasing storage and performance requirements of the Big Data driven research performed at the institute. The terabytes of data produced on a daily basis are utilized in the institute's translational research projects aiming to develop truly personalised approaches to health care and patient treatment.

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Full-Genome siRNA Screens Performed

In the year 2013, among other projects, the High Throughput Biomedicine unit performed image based full-genome siRNA screen as a customer project (appr. 65,000 siRNAs).


Technology Centre