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Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine

The Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine was initiated in 2007 between the University of Oslo (NCMM), Umeå University (MIMS), University of Helsinki (FIMM) and EMBL. In 2013, the network was extended with the Danish node DANDRITE at Aarhus University and the Framework Agreement of the Nordic EMBL partnership for Molecular Medicine between EMBL and the four Nordic nodes was renewed and signed for the next ten-year period. The aim of the network is to facilitate scientific collaboration and access to infrastructure, services and training activities provided by the partners. The current speaker of the Partnership is the director of NCMM, Kjetil Taskén.

In 2015, collaboration between EMBL and the Nordic nodes was active in all levels, ranging from joint research and infrastructure projects such as EU-OPENSCREEN, to joint activities among the institutes’ doctoral students or administrative staff.

The sixth annual Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine network meeting took place at Aarhus University.

The sixth annual Nordic EMBL Partnership network meeting was hosted by the newest partner, DANDRITE and took place at Aarhus University in September. The participants of the meeting included group leaders, senior researchers, post-doctoral researchers, PhD students and coordinators from each of the nodes, as well as representatives of the EMBL and the national EMBL contact persons. The programme consisted of outstanding science, high-quality scientific presentations and poster sessions, as well as social and networking opportunities during scientific speed dating a countryside dinner and museum visit. Young Investigators from all the nodes met for an extra day prior to the meeting to learn about career options and practise elevator pitches. In addition, the Nordic EMBL Partnership Steering Committee, group leaders, coordinators and PhD students had time reserved for discussions all aiming to enhance collaboration between the nodes. Eight FIMM researchers gave oral presentations and many others presented their work through posters.

Enjoying the sunshine during a break at the Aarhus. From left to right: Riitta Sallinen, Jaakko Kaprio, Krister Wennerberg.

In connection with the annual meeting, a science & art contest was organised by FIMM’s Susanne Hultsch. All researchers and other staff members from the nodes were encouraged to submit their scientific images, computer generated graphics, drawings and any other scientific illustration. More than 40 images were submitted to the contest and three best images from each node were selected by voting. The primary outcome of the contest was a Nordic EMBL Partnership wall calendar for 2016, which includes the twelve winning images. The overall winner (receiving most votes) of the contest was Disha Malani from FIMM with her image called “Cells in Space”. Read more.

A group photo of the participants of the Nordic EMBL Partnership Annual Meeting, Moesgaard Museum.

Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine