Key Figures


On 31 December 2015, FIMM had 215 staff members (including ten visiting researchers or people on personal grants and five people on personal leave). Of the 200 staff members with an active position, 66 % are researchers and 34 % people supporting research, as well as IT and administrative personnel. 41 % of the research personnel and 34 % of the whole personnel are international, representing 26 nationalities. 

FIMM Personnel 2015

Nationalities represented among FIMM personnel, including researchers and students with grants.


In 2015, the total FIMM income was 17.6 M€ (16.2 M€ according to the official financial statement*), with 45 % arising from external competitive grants, 6 % from industrial collaboration and 9 % from external service income. Altogether, these external funding sources covered 60 % of the income. In addition, 10 % arose from University of Helsinki’s strategic and competitive funding, such as Biocenter Finland funding. The total expenditure of 2015 was 17.9 M€ (16.5 M€ according to the official financial statement*).

* In 2015, the University of Helsinki accounting practice of internal service income was changed. To keep the Annual Report key figures compatible with the previous years, we treat the internal service income and service expenditure as in previous years.

As compared to the University of Helsinki in general, FIMM receives a very high fraction of external funding from Tekes, EU and through industrial collaborations.

FIMM total funding 2015 and distribution of external funding according to the source of income.

FIMM expenditure 2015

Development during the past 5 years

Key Figures