The Year in Pictures

February 2015:  Biobank media event in Biomedicum.


February:  FIMM extended administration team visited the Helsinki University Library (Kaisa house) and the Biomedicine Goes Art exhibition.


February:  Members of the Finnish Coalition Party hosted by the Rector of the University of Helsinki Jukka Kola visited FIMM facilities.


February: “Digital Health is already here” -discussion event at the Think Corner.


March: EATRIS (the European Translational Research Infrastructure) Finland launch event hosted by FIMM gathered about 200 representatives of the Finnish Government, industry, and science to Biomedicum Helsinki.


March: Institute meeting.


May: FIMM participated in the Upgraded Life Festival.


June: Poster session (above) and salsa lesson (below) at the sixth Annual Scientific Retreat.


August: FIMM Special Seminar - Moving from genetics towards novel treatments. Professor Steven Hyman from the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard presenting.


August: Pre-dinner drinks at the sixth annual Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine network meeting in Aarhus.


October: A surprise party for Olli Kallioniemi was organised to thank him for being such a great Director.


October: FIMM-EMBL students visited Heidelberg.


October: FIMM Administrative Manager Reetta Niemelä’s farewell party.


November: Happy faces at the FIMM Christmas Party, in the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia.

The Year in Pictures