DDCB Infrastructure and Libraries


  • Four different High Throughput Screening systems with a variety of High Throughput Screening and High Content Screening analysis operations

  • Development of new High Throughput Screening and cell microarray based chemical biology technologies

  • Screening of known drugs for pharmacogenomics on patient-derived cell lines

  • Nationally coordinated academic access to state-of-the-art chemoinformatics software as well as expertise with custom program development

  • Access to CSC supercomputing capabilities



We provide access to a shared small molecule collection of over 140 000 drugs and drug-like compounds that are ready to use for screening.  The chemical collections can be divided into two major classes: drugs & known bioactives and chemical diversity libraries.  The drugs and known bioactives are ideal for biological profiling, drug repositioning and personalized medicine-type screens while the larger chemical diversity collections are best suited for molecular probe discovery screening.  In addition, there is access to genomic libraries.



Library No of compounds Description
FIMM oncology collection 527 Set of approved and emerging investigational drugs (mostly oncology drugs)
GSK published kinase inhibitor set 355 Published Kinase Inhibitor Set (PKIS)
Enzo FDA-approved drugs 640 FDA-approved drugs
MicroSource Spectrum 2 000 Drug Components (50%), Natural products (30%),Other bioactive components (20%)
NCI (National Cancer Institute) collection 2500 Cancer drug derivative collection and natural products
NIH Clinical collection 446 The NCC consists almost entirely of drugs that have been in phase I-III clinical trials and have not been represented in other arrayed collections
ChemBridge DIVERSet and CNS-Set 30 000 Combinatorial chemistry collection
ChemDiv diversity collection 50 040 Combinatorial chemistry collection
Tripos collection 6 000 Combinatorial chemistry collection (old)
Specs consortium collection 30 000 Combinatorial chemistry collection (modern)
Sigma LOPAC1280 1 280 Library of pharmacologically active compounds. Is most commonly used to validate new drug discovery assays and characterize orphan receptors
Tocris Tocriscreen Mini 1 120 Many compounds are unique to Tocris
ChemDiv Peptidomimetic library 15 614 Peptide mimicking small compounds


The drug and known bioactive collections include

    Microsource Spectrum collection (2 000 compounds)
    ENZO FDA-approved library (640 compounds)
    NIH Clinical Collection (450 compounds)
    FIMM set of approved and emerging investigational drugs (527 compounds)

The chemical diversity collections include

    ChemBridge DIVERset (20 000 compounds)
    ChemBridge CNS-Set (10 000 compounds)
    ChemDiv chemical diversity collections (25 000 + 25 000 compounds)
    Specs Consortium collection from (30 000 compounds)
    Tripos diversity collection (6 000 compounds)

The genomic libraries include



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