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FIMM meets Pharma 2020

The second FIMM meets Pharma event will be postponed. We are looking for alternative dates.





Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), with the support of collaborators from the pharmaceutical industry, is organizing FIMM meets Pharma 2020 event during the autumn. FIMM has several examples of successful research collaboration with Finnish and international pharmaceutical companies, and wishes to showcase a few of these to the academic community and to potential new collaborators. 

FIMM meets Pharma is the second of its kind, following the success of the first event in 2016, which led to several productive collaborative projects. We welcome everyone with an interest company collaborations to come get inspired. We aim to describe the project background and let both academic and industrial partners share their views on how the collaborations were set up, executed and finalized.

The primary aim for FIMM meets Pharma 2020 is to showcase the current scientific frameworks and technological capabilities of FIMM and to spark interest in the pharmaceutical partners for new projects and collaborations. Reciprocally, we hope to hear from the industrial partners experiences from ongoing collaborations with FIMM, which can serve as testimonies for potential new industrial stakeholders, and updates on specific interests and requirements of pharma partners that could guide matching research developments at FIMM. Since 2018 we have a shared academic/industrial postdoctoral fellow (FIMM/Bayer); such positions offer concrete possibilities for scientific exploration and mutual benefit and can be discussed and developed together.


Please find the preliminary program below:

Session 1: 13-14:45

Biomedicum Helsinki, Lecture hall 3

(open for all, with registration)

Welcome words by FIMM Director Mark Daly & perspectives on academic/industrial collaborations by Professor and multi-company board member Jonathan Knowles

FIMM/Industry tandem showcase 1: Aarno Palotie - FinnGen, an international success story

FIMM/Industry tandem showcase 2: Caroline Heckman & Oncopeptides (Sweden) - From chemotherapy to precision therapy: Novel treatments for blood cancer patients

FIMM/Industry tandem showcase 3: Nina Linder & Takeda - Artificial intelligence for image based companion diagnostics

FIMM Technology Center Head Katja Kivinen gives a brief update on the latest technologies available at FIMM to both academic and industrial parties

Session 2: 15-16:15

Workshop for Pharma representatives and FIMM PI:s on crucial topics relevant to increase academic/industrial collaborations

In the registration form, we ask that you sign up for one of the group discussions. 

Session 3: 16:20 - 17:30 

Open for pharma and FIMM staff (with registration)

Poster presentations at FIMM (Biomedicum 2U)



Event organization

FIMM organizing committee

Andreas Scherer, Research Coordinator, FIMM Business Liaison

Markus Vähä-Koskela, Senior Researcher, FIMMPOD coordinator

Tanja Ruokoranta, Staff Scientist, Project Manager, High-throughput Biolomedicine Unit

Vilja Pietiäinen, Senior Researcher, High-content Imaging Unit

Caroline Heckman, Principal Investigator, Individualized Systems Medicine Program

Mary Pat Reeve, Team Leader, FinnGen study

Mari Kaunisto Senior Researcher, Communications Director for FinnGen


Advisory group


Maija Wolf, FIMM alumni, Novartis

Heidi Virtanen, FIMM alumni, Takeda

Katja Närhi, FIMM alumni, GSK

Carina von Schantz-Fant, FIMM alumni,Takeda

Taija af Hällström, FIMM alumni, AstraZeneca

William Hennah FIMM alumni, Orion


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