Management and Decision Making


Professor Mark Daly is the Director of FIMM. He has been appointed with effect from February 1, 2018. Read more about his recent nomination here. The Director leads and monitors the operations of the institute and is responsible for general institute operations, personnel administration and its implementation according to the human resources policy of the University as well as for the financial affairs of the institute.

Steering Group

FIMM has a Steering Group comprising research directors, research group leaders and the head of administration. The Director may invite other members to the Steering Group. The Steering Group shall support the Director in the strategic management of the Institute and participate in the planning and development of operations, finances and services.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

HiLIFE units may have Scientific Advisory Boards (SAB) nominated for four-year terms that evaluate the competency and research accomplishments of level 3 teaching and research personnel and research directors.  

The FIMM SAB consists of seven internationally recognised experts in the institute's fields of research and technological activities and is chaired by Professor Cornelia van Duijn. The term of the current SAB is: 1 January 2019 – 31 December 2022. 

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