What makes us special

Young, rapidly developing institute

FIMM's latest evaluation was carried out in May 2015 by an international Evaluation Committee comprising of experts of the SAB of FIMM. SAB stated in its report that in a remarkably short time FIMM has succeeded to build up a successful research programme and a technology platform at a quality level, equaling the best in the world.

International institute, EMBL partner & Nordic network

As part of the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine, we follow the principles of EMBL partnerships. For us it means aiming to scientific excellence and establishing mechanisms for independent scientific review of the research activities; scientific integrity and good scientific practice; high level, regular international evaluations with consequences for tenure and funding as well as commitment to significant levels of staff turnover.

International recruitment

FIMM continues systematic international recruitment at all levels (visiting professors, group leaders, doctoral students and other staff) according to our human resources plan and funding available. The existing FIMM group leaders underwent their first evaluation in their five-year term with an option for extension for another four-year term. Overall, we have an international athmosphere and almost 30 different nationalities are represented among our staff.


FIMM technology platform operates at the quality level equaling the best in the world. The technologies that we are using are at the cutting edge of a rapidly moving area of research. We are constantly developing our infrastructure (FIMM Technology Centre and Biobank) to remain state-of-the art by further investments in the equipment (Biocenter Finland, ESFRI), setting up novel technologies as well as by providing professional research services to researchers locally, nationally and internationally. FIMM has been successful in Academy of Finland infrastructure calls and received funding for ESFRIs as well as via Biocenter Finland (BF). In addition, FIMM is involved in five research infrastructures included on the national roadmap (EATRIS, EU-OPENSCREEN, BBMRI, EURO-BIOIMAGING and BF)

Large proportion of external competitive funding

More than 50 % of the FIMM budget arises from external competitive grants and more than 10 % from industrial collaboration.

Grand challenge research

At FIMM we emphasize team science with several groups together attracting major challenges for society. We have three grand challenge programmes, which all have made significant progress during the last years.

Societal impact

FIMM’s Grand challenge programmes are directed towards societal challenges. FIMM representatives have been invited as experts in hearings to the Parliament of Finland. In addition, FIMM researchers have been interviewed several times for tv and radio programmes. 

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