Senior Researchers and Research Coordinators at FIMM


FIMM has several projects that aim to tackle grand challenges in the society, and the institute works together towards these goals. The special environment created by these grand challenges and personalized medicine program requires a new type of multi-talented researchers to carry out implementation.

Senior Researchers manage and coordinate projects, apply for funding and e.g. ethical approvals for studies, handle budgets and take care of project administration, supervise and teach, present the work of the groups and projects in conferences or other events, create and manage academic and company collaborations and organize scientific events. At the same time, they are highly skilled experts on their own fields and often have also a broader background in life sciences and biomedicine.

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Kati Donner

Aki Havulinna

Mari Kaunisto

Tellervo Korhonen

Päivi Lahermo

Hannele Laivuori



Nina Linder

Pirkko Mattila

Astrid Murumägi

Vilja Pietiäinen

Jani Saarela

Vidya Velagapudi

Markus Vähä-Koskela



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