International, Nordic and European infrastructure links to DDCB

Nordic Collaborations

The DDCB platform has strong ties to similar research infrastructures in other Nordic countries so that expertise and access to technologies are shared among the countries. These collaborations allow researchers in Finland access to specialized chemical biology technologies that exist in other Nordic countries but not in Finland, and vice versa. For example, the DDCB has been sharing compound acquisitions with Sweden to access more and diverse chemical collections and have supported several Swedish projects.

International Networks

Our platform is directly linked to two emerging ESFRI roadmap initiatives:  EU-OPENSCREEN and EATRIS as well as several other international networks.

EU-OPENSCREEN is an European research infrastructure with very similar goals as the DDCB, including open access infrastructures for high throughput screening, chemical biology and small molecule probe development. EU-OPENSCREEN operations, which are scheduled to start in 2019 are expected to be highly supplementary with the ongoing operations within DDCB and the infrastructures that now are supporting the national platform will also serve the larger European research communities for EU-OPENSCREEN projects.

Last updated: 12.12.2018 - 10:49