Milla Kibble

Dr. Milla Kibble (nee Anttila) received her PhD in high dimensional convex geometry and probability theory (Pure Mathematics) from University College London in 2000 under the supervision of Prof. Keith Ball. She subsequently worked at Numbercraft Ltd. in Oxford, developing and employing analytics techniques to gain actionable information from large, mainly retail, datasets. Here she was first introduced to the applications of mathematics to genomics data, prompting her return to Academia in 2002 to conduct research in this exciting field.  Since then, Milla has combined undergraduate and postgraduate teaching of mathematics and statistics with research into probability and graph theory applications to biological data first in the Biomathematics Group at the University of Turku and then in the Stochastics Group at Aalto University.

Milla joined the Computational Systems Medicine Group at FIMM as a senior researcher in 2014, where her research has focused on network pharmacology approaches to provide systems-level insights into the mechanisms of action and efficacy of drugs and their combinations, with a particular interest in natural products and disease prevention. Since the beginning of 2017, Milla has been working in the Genetic Epidemiology and Epigenetics of Complex Diseases and Traits Groups, using multiple data types from monozygotic twins to gain insights into the role of epigenetic effects in obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Milla has also been coordinator of the Postdoctoral & Senior Researcher Professional Development Programme (FIMMPOD) since the beginning of 2015 and an undergraduate education coordinator (Sept 2015-Sept 2016). These roles have included organising career development opportunities and events for the postdoctoral and senior researcher community at FIMM and developing a strategy for FIMM involvement in undergraduate education.

Selected publications

Kibble, M., Khan, S., Saarinen N., Iorio F., Saez-Rodriguez J., Mäkelä S., Aittokallio T. 2016. Transcriptional response networks for elucidating mechanisms of action of multitargeted agents. Drug Discovery Today, 21, 1063-1075.

Kibble, M., Saarinen, N., Tang, J., Wennerberg, K., Mäkelä, S., Aittokallio, T. 2015. Network pharmacology applications to map the unexplored target space and therapeutic potential of natural products. Natural Product Reports, 32, 1249 - 1266.

Higham, D., Kalna, G., Kibble, M. 2007. Spectral clustering and its use in bioinformatics. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics Vol. 204, 25-37.

Grindrod, P., Kibble, M. 2004. Review of uses of network and graph theory concepts within proteomics. Expert Review of Proteomics Vol. 1, No. 2, 229-238.

Anttila, M., Ball, K., Perissinaki, I. 2003. The central limit problem for convex bodies. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society Vol. 355, No. 12, 4723-4735.

Anttila, M. 2000. The transportation cost for the cube. Geometric Aspects of Functional Analysis, Israel Seminar, 1996-2000, Lecture Notes in Mathematics no. 1745, 1-11.

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Milla Kibble

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Senior Researcher

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Network pharmacology
Natural products
Probability and graph theory applications to biological data sets
Statistics and analytics

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B.Sc. (Hons) (Mathematics), University of London (UCL), 1997
Ph.D. (Pure Mathematics), University of London (UCL), 2000
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