03.02.2015 - 13:45

FIMM’s research infrastructure upgraded with a new high content flow cytometric analysis system

FIMM´s research infrastructure has been upgraded with a new high-throughput system for high content flow cytometric analysis. The new iQue Screener HD equipment system provided by IntelliCyt is compatible with 1536 well plates. The system uses a patented sampling method where assay components, typically suspension cells, are transferred in suspension to the detector in a continuous, air gap delimited stream. FIMM’s equipment is the first of its kind in Europe.

The new system is especially useful for FIMM’s translational research projects aiming to develop truly personalized approaches to patient treatment. Drug sensitivity and resistance testing (DSRT) approach provides the means for functional profiling of cancer cells and other cell systems in terms of drug sensitivity profiles. The FIMM oncology drug collection currently consists of several hundreds of approved and emerging investigational oncology compounds each covering a 10,000-fold concentration range.

To complement the current read-outs for DSRT, the new iQue system enables the personalized medicine team to set up new and more complex flow cytometric assays that will give more detailed information about the effect of the drugs on cells. Drug effects on different cell populations present in the sample can be analyzed, providing the opportunity to focus only on the most relevant cells. Previously such a test setting has only been possible by separating the relevant cells from the sample beforehand.

-By utilizing this new system the FIMM personalized medicine team is soon able to analyze drug effects in a more versatile manner, allowing also testing of new type of therapeutics, such as immunotherapeutic agents, said Maija Wolf, Senior Researcher at FIMM who coordinated the instrument procurement and now takes part in the development of iQue-based assays.

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