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Opening of the annual call for applications for FIMM-EMBL International Doctoral Students (January 2015)

As part of the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine and in collaboration with the Neuroscience Center (NC) at the University of Helsinki (UH) and the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT) at UH and Aalto University, we are pleased to announce the opening of the annual call for applications for FIMM-EMBL International Doctoral Students. Doctoral student positions in the fields of molecular medicine, bioinformatics, computational systems biology, and neuroscience are available starting in August 2015.

With the aims of diversifying individual research training and building connections and collaborations within FIMM and with our partners, our student-centered, institute-level rotation training provides doctoral students with a unique and exciting opportunity to explore different research areas and working environments, as well as experience a variety of science and technologies while making connections within and beyond the institute.   Outstanding doctoral candidates are now invited to apply for the rotation training during which they will engage in projects with two to three different research groups during a six to nine month period prior to selecting a research group in which to remain for their complete doctoral studies.  Since the rotational period naturally lends itself to building interests that cross over between research groups, in the EMBL spirit, the rotation students have a great opportunity to be involved in collaborative projects. In this video clip professor Samuli Ripatti talks about the rotation training. For the past several years we have carried out this training with HIIT, and this year, we have the pleasure of welcoming the NC to the rotation format. 

Detailed information regarding the institutes, position descriptions, research areas, qualifications, and application and selection process that can be found through FIMM’s Open Positions page: https://www.fimm.fi/en/open-positions.

Applications are to be submitted via the online form provided on the FIMM Open Positions page no later than February 20, 2014, at 23.59.

Welcome to the newest FIMM-EMBL Doctoral Students!

In 2014, we warmly welcomed Dmitrii Bychkov, Ella Karjalainen, and Janica Wakkinen to FIMM and HIIT as the newest FIMM-EMBL doctoral students.  Dmitrii, originally from Russia and a joint FIMM-HIIT doctoral student, completed his MSc degree from the Masters in Bioinformatics program at Aalto University and brings a strong background and interest in translational bioinformatics.  Ella and Janica are of Finnish nationality and joined us from an MSc program in Turku and small biotech company in Helsinki, respectively.  Ella’s areas of research concentration are in translational research for disease treatment as well as cellular microenvironments, while Janica’s research interests are primarily in cell models of disease and personalized medicine. 

Are you interested in learning more about the FIMM-EMBL rotation program? Dmitrii, Janica, and Ella’s talk about their motivations and experiences so far.

Why did you apply for the position?

Dmitrii:  “A year ago I was wrapping up my MSc thesis in high-throughput drug screening data analysis and I got so much involved in the project that I decided to develop it further in my PhD by integrating different ‘omics data towards more safe and effective cancer treatment. Since the FIMM-EMBL program assumes that students go for rotation in different research groups, I considered that as a great chance for me explore and try out some of the things that would be then applied in my PhD project. You get to learn from people with strong expertise in the topic and 3 months is just enough to get the flavor of it.”

Janica:  “After several years in a small biotech company I was interested to let my research lead to a PhD. FIMM and the rotation program were the best possible opportunity for this. The rotation program allows me to try out a few groups and see what interests me most and also where I best fit in. It also allows me to learn so much more than just starting a regular PhD program would do. Also the international atmosphere and the internal and external collaborations at FIMM were appealing.

Ella:  “When I noticed the call for this PhD program, I got a feeling in my gut microbiota and these nice words "integrative" and "translational" started to hound my mind so I decided to apply.”

Tell us about your first six months.

Dmitrii:  “I have learnt so much during first 2 rotation projects already, and I can see possibilities of continuation for each of the projects in the rest of my PhD.”

Janica:  “I have learned a lot, as I expected. I have also been able to get to know many people in different groups and I think it both helps scientifically as well as feeling at home in FIMM. The rotation has also been challenging at times. Learning new things and getting to know new people can require a lot of energy. But I think it´s worth it.”

Ella:  “I think "enthusiastic" is a good word to describe my feelings right now. I've really enjoyed working on the rotation projects thus far. Most of the days you go home happy knowing that you've learned something new and interesting again.”


For more information, please contact:

Questions about the open call or FIMM-EMBL International doctoral training are welcome to the Research Training Coordinator at FIMM.

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