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EATRIS Finland Launch Event at University of Helsinki


On 11 March, the Finnish scientific, industrial, and political community officially recognized the involvement of Finland in the European Translational Research Infrastructure EATRIS.  EATRIS is an international infrastructure for translational research, funded by the host Universities of the participating centers and by the Academy of Finland. EATRIS is on the national roadmap of infrastructures

EATRIS is devoted to changing the landscape of medical research by improving the translation of research findings to clinical application. Hosted by the Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) at the University of Helsinki, the event drew about 200 representatives of the Finnish Government, industry, and science. During the morning session key lectures by Prof. Jonathan Knowles (FIMM/UH, FI), Prof Alain van Gool (RadboudUMC, NL), and Anton Ussi (EATRIS, NL), contrasted the current situation of translational research with visions of how to make it more effective.


The afternoon was dedicated to EATRIS in Finland. Following the description of the EATRIS network in Finland by Prof. Olli Kallioniemi, the National Director of EATRIS in Finland, representatives from all six centers* participating in EATRIS Finland introduced the strong translational research capabilities which they make available to EATRIS. A podium discussion with six representatives from national and international EATRIS stakeholders, as well as advisors to the Government, made clear that the current ecosystem of translational research needs to be improved to meet the challenges of the future, and that EATRIS has strong potential to help in this process. The meeting opened avenues for further discussions and planning to make this happen. The day was concluded by the formal recognition of each centers’ participation in EATRIS, awarded by the European Scientific Director of EATRIS, Dr. Giovanni Migliaccio.

The event demonstrated that EATRIS offers new ways of improving translational research for better health and healthcare of people, and that the Finnish centers are ready to contribute towards this important goal. Visit the EATRIS.fi website for more information.

*List of EATRIS participating translational centers in Finland:

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