09.06.2015 - 13:45

Academy of Finland to fund two FIMM pHealth projects

The Academy of Finland has made the funding decisions for new Personalised Health research consortium projects. FIMM researchers obtained funding for two projects. Funding is provided for four years (2015–2019). The funding was open for applications in the Academy’s September 2014 call “Personalised Health – From Genes to Society (pHealth)”.

With this programme, the Academy of Finland aims at creating and providing a platform for multidisciplinary research consortia. The two FIMM subprojects that received funding are led by FIMM-EMBL Group Leader Tero Aittokallio (PhD) and FIMM Technology Centre’s NGS Bioinformatics Unit’s Team Leader Matti Kankainen (PhD).

Tero Aittokallio’s project “Personalized combination therapies for high-grade serous ovarian cancer patients” or OVCURE is a collaboration between researchers at the University of Turku (Olli Carpen and Seija Grenman), FIMM and Genome-Scale Biology Research Program (Sampsa Hautaniemi), University of Helsinki. The aim of this project is to use individual molecular profiles to facilitate the decision on which anti-cancer treatments should be administered to a patient having a high-grade serous ovarian cancer.

Matti Kankainen’s research project “Action on Human Surfaces: Wound-Metatranscriptomics” is also called as Bugsy. The aim of this consortium is to advantage the understanding of the etiology of surgical site infections and develop cost-effective next-generation sequencing based solutions to facilitate individualized treatment and early recognition of hospital-acquired infections. In this truly multidisciplinary research initiative, patient samples collected at the Helsinki University Hospital are analyzed by the researchers of FIMM, the Institute of Biotechnology, Department of Pharmacology, and Department of Food and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki. A significant part of the next-generation sequencing needed by the project will be done at the FIMM Technology Centre.

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