31.08.2015 - 12:45

New release of the SISu data resource now available


The Sequencing Initiative Suomi (The SISu project) is an international collaboration between research groups aiming to build tools for genomic medicine and provide Finnish genome data resources for the international research community.

The SISu data resource was first made accessible for the research community in March 2014 when the first version of the SISu project's website (www.sisuproject.fi) was launched. Now we are happy to announce a new release (3.0) of the data resource as well as a complete renewal of the project website. The new release is based on more than 6100 samples from 10 different cohorts and includes also multiallelic and insertion/deletion variants.

Furthermore, several new features have been incorporated. These features allow users to get information about the variants that have not passed all the quality control steps and to filter the search results based on several criteria. The possibility to filter the results based on whether the variants are enriched in the Finnish population should be especially useful for the Finnish researchers.

The key research groups of the SISu project are from the Universities of Eastern Finland, Oulu and Helsinki and The Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland, Lund University, The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, University of Oxford, The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, University of Michigan, Washington University in St. Louis, and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). FIMM coordinates the project.



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