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FIMMPOD Kids at FIMM in June

On June 10th, members of the FIMMPOD Postdoctoral and Senior Researcher Professional Development Program had a great opportunity to bring their children to FIMM and show them how cool it is to work here. Almost 20 children signed up for this tri-lingual event, organized for the first time. 

This enjoyable, educational event was organized by FIMMPOD coordinators Gretchen Repasky and Milla Kibble.


– Both the number of children participating and the activities provided at the stations exceeded our expectations. Milla and I wanted to open the eyes of children to the exciting research and technologies at FIMM as well as bring our FIMMPOD community together in a social way.

- Gretchen Repasky


One of the main goals of the event was to offer fun and engaging science activities for children. This goal was definitely reached with a program of an introduction to medicine, science, and FIMM by Mari Kaunisto and Krister Wennerberg followed by four groups of children visiting four hands-on activity stations:

  • The Brain Station
  • Research Robotics
  • Microscope on a Wall
  • Programming

The volunteer station leaders, Evgeny Kulesskiy, Gopal Peddinti, Alexander Thorarinsson, Laura Turunen, Eero Vuoksimaa, Katja Välimäki and Margarita Walliander, all scientists at FIMM, did a great job explaining complicated topics, such as functions of the brain and machine learning. At the research robotics station, the kids first tried out pipetting by hand and then saw how fast and accurately the pipetting robots can do the same task. Looking for malaria parasites from a digitized blood smear preparation with FIMM’s wall-sized web-microscope was also a huge hit.

After visiting all four stations, the children were invited to draw something that they liked or learned from the visit.  All left with excitement in their eyes and smiles on their faces!  

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