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Leena Peltonen (Palotie) prize 2018 – Call for submission of candidates


A Leena Peltonen Memorial Fund was established within the Paulo Foundation in March 2010 from donations honouring her life-long work in the field of human genetics. The donations are used to fund a Leena Peltonen lecture and prize. The first two Leena Peltonen Prizes were awarded to Cecilia Lindgren and Ben Neale. Nominations for the 2018 Prize are now accepted. As in the previous rounds, the prize includes an award of €10 000



From now on, the winner will be announced at the European Society of Human Genetics Meeting and the next Prize will be handed out at the opening session of the next ESHG Meeting in MiIan. 


The rules for the prize are as follows:

  1. The Leena Peltonen prize will be awarded from the Leena Palotie fund in the Paulo Foundation to an outstanding young researcher in the field of human genetics.
  2. The recipient of the prize should be in an early phase of her/his independent career. There is no specific age limit or maximum time from graduation.
  3. The primary selection criterion is scientific excellence.
  4. The € 10 000 prize is a personal award to the awardee.
  5. The prize will be awarded every second year for as long as there are funds.
  6. The selection process has two steps. The faculty of the Wellcome Trust Leena Peltonen School of Human Genomics and the members of European Society of Human Genetics will suggest potential awardees. A smaller group of tutors will form the Nomination Committee. If more than five names are suggested, the Nomination Committee produces a short list of up to five names. The list should include justifications.
  7. The shortlist is delivered to the Selection Committee, which will choose the awardee. The Selection Committee is chaired by the Director of Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM). The director of FIMM selects three to five members for the Selection Committee.
  8. In 2018, the awardee will give a Leena Peltonen lecture at the European Human Genetics Conference in Milan.
  9. The awardee would be involved in organizing the next Leena Peltonen Prize event.
  10. The awardee would receive a lifelong invitation to be a tutor in the Leena Peltonen School of Human Genetics.
  11. In the event of unforeseeable problems in the selection process or steps related to the Leena Peltonen award, the Board of the Paulo Foundation will be consulted. 

Proposals for candidates can be submitted until September 18, 2017, via this online form.


More information:

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