05.12.2017 - 13:30 Author:
Mari Kaunisto

FIMM poster session 2017 winners announced!

The Eight Annual FIMM poster session was held in November 16, 2017. This annual event plays an important role in increasing knowledge and providing opportunities for collaboration within the institute.

As in previous years, the session was organized by the FIMM PhD Student and Postdoc Council. More than 50 posters were presented, mainly by PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers. 

After very careful consideration, each of the judges (Caroline Heckman, William Hennah, Jaakko Kaprio, Mari Kaunisto, Astrid Murumägi, Gretchen Repasky, Samuli Ripatti, Jani Saarela and Jing Tang) picked their three favorite posters. The results from each reviewer were then integrated and the winners announced on 30 November.


The poster prizes (HiLIFE hoodies) were awarded to:

Balaguru Ravikumar for his poster on " C-SPADE: web-tool for interactive analysis and visualization of drug screening experiments through compound-specific bioactivity dendrogram” and

Sarang Talwelkar on " Discovery of therapeutic strategies for Kras-driven lung cancer histopathologies using primary cell cultures”.

Imre Västrik and Lea Urpa received the honorary awards (FIMM t-shirts).

Warm congratulations to all the winners!


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