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Applications invited for the 2018 FIMM-EMBL International PhD Programme

As part of the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine and in collaboration with the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT) at UH and Aalto University, we welcome applications for the 2018 FIMM-EMBL International PhD Program. The call for applications for PhD positions in the fields of molecular medicine, bioinformatics, and data science is open until 8 February 2018.

Detailed information regarding the institutes participating, position descriptions, research areas, qualifications, and application and selection process can be found at the FIMM open positions website.

About the FIMM-EMBL International PhD Programme:

In the FIMM-EMBL international PhD training in molecular medicine and bioinformatics programme, outstanding doctoral students are recruited to the institute-level rotation programme where they will work with two to three different research groups during a six to nine month period prior to matching to a research group in which they remain for their doctoral studies. The programme provides an exciting opportunity to explore different research areas and working environments as well as to learn a variety of science and technologies, making connections within and beyond the institutes.

PhD students in the Rotation Programme:

  • Gain formal research experience before the doctoral programme period
  • Diversify and deepen scientific knowledge
  • Develop and refine scientific interests
  • Receive early-career training with feedback in scientific communication
  • Foster a best match with a research mentor(s)
  • Connect strongly within the institute

Feedback from FIMM-EMBL PhD students:

"Going through different labs taught me a lesson about how the approach to science is different in every lab.  This made me have more conviction on my own approach towards scientific reasoning."

"I learned to understand and appreciate different fields of biomedical science and I got the opportunity to try out something I did not know so much about before but was interested in."

"It’s a nicely paved runway which every long distance flight must take."


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