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Two Group Leader positions available at FIMM

The Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine is now seeking new Group Leaders at its Finnish (FIMM) and Swedish (MIMS) centres.

FIMM is now seeking outstanding candidates for the prestigious position of Group Leader in Molecular Medicine. This group leader search is for two early-stage group leaders with significant international experience during their PhD and postdoc periods. The selected group leaders are expected to initiate a new independent research program in one of the FIMM’s research fields.

We are interested in group leader candidates who can provide novel and complementary contributions to existing research at FIMM, at HiLIFE, and at the Academic Medical Center Helsinki. The group leader appointment is initially for five years with the potential of an additional four years based on evaluation by the FIMM Scientific Advisory Board. Given an outstanding 4-year evaluation, a tenure track assistant/associate professor position may be made available at a relevant faculty of the University of Helsinki.

We are interested in candidates in the following fields: human genetics (including focus on computational genetics), systems medicine and precision medicine. One of the group leader positions is specifically supported by the Center of Excellence in Complex Disease Genetics, a collaborative FIMM-led program of computational, statistical, experimental and registry-based research in common diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, IBD and neuropsychiatry). The other position aims for the best candidate in any area of research relevant to the major Grand Challenge programs at FIMM

Candidates should be able to take advantage of the infrastructure, expertise and networks available at FIMM, including translational, clinical and industrial contacts. FIMM provides a support package for the group leader, which includes salary of the group leader, support to other personnel, consumables and modern laboratory and office facilities. The candidate is expected to significantly complement this budget through other national or international grants and/or industrial collaborations.

Qualification requirements include an MD/PhD, PhD or equivalent degree, postdoctoral training and a track-record of high-impact publications in the top journals in the field. International mobility, such as training in high-quality institutions and universities globally will be valued. Like a typical EMBL group leader position, the FIMM molecular medicine group leader position is intended for an early-stage independent researcher, preferably a candidate who has reached a career level equivalent to that applicable for applicants to ERC Starting Grant. We expect that the group leader will engage in multidisciplinary research collaborations with other FIMM research groups, and with the life science community in Helsinki.

The complete call announcement is available here.


More information about the position available at the Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS) is available here


Please apply no later than September 16, 2018.

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