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FIMM is taking proactive measures regarding the COVID-19 outbreak

FIMM leadership has provided recommendations concerning the coronavirus outbreak. These recommendations are a proactive step to increase social distancing and assist in the larger public health effort, not a reaction to any FIMM-specific concern.


Since social distancing measures are the most effective at distributing the outbreak over time and mitigating the peak impact on the medical system, FIMM leadership strongly endorses that our staff members do not travel, participate or attend work-related conferences or meetings and, whenever possible, work remotely. We will also suspend all the group visits to the institute. Our recommendations are listed in more detail below and are in consideration of the strong policies of HUS and the Faculty of Medicine with whom we share the campus and extensively collaborate.

We will follow the situation carefully and update the recommendations regularly. The University-specific decisions can be found here.


The idea of social distancing is not to protect ourselves (most of whom are at low risk) as individuals, it is rather the most effective, collective action of a society to protect those most vulnerable to severe illness or death from this virus. I feel it is our responsibility to act - but also, as a visible biological and epidemiological research institute - to be seen as acting in a way that conveys the seriousness of the situation.

- Mark Daly, Director of FIMM


Recommendations effective at the close of business on Friday, March 13:

  • Staff and students with symptoms of infection must not present themselves at their place of work or study.
  • No work-related travel of any kind
  • No attendance of work-related conferences or meetings (local or distant)
  • Anyone returning from travel to an affected area should remain home for at least 7 but preferably 14 days before presenting to work
  • Visitors should be cancelled if plans are already in place.
  • FIMM should not sponsor group activities, and discourages attendance of any meetings, involving more than 20 or so people

To the greatest extent possible, even small group meetings may wish to explore Zoom/WebEx/Skype options

  • Students and staff are asked to refrain from all travel abroad

Personal travel for any of us is of course a personal decision so we only encourage that people make sensible decisions that are right for them – individual activities are not the primary concern.

  • Individuals whose job responsibilities permit remote work should be supported by their supervisors to work from home.


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