How to get started?

For more detail please contact FIMM-Metabolomics Unit by email, fimm-metabolomics@helsinki.fi.





Animal models (Mouse, Rat, and Dog etc) 

Nematodes (C.elegans)

Yeast (S.cereviciae)

Bacteria (E.coli)


Types of samples and requirements per sample:

Biofluids (Serum, Plasma, Urine, Cell culture supernatants, Saliva, CSF, Bile, Cystic fluid, Bioflims etc) - [110 µ]

Cells (Adherent, Suspension, Bone marrow, MEF etc) - [1 million]

Cell organelle (Microvesicles, Mitochondria)

Tissues (Muscle, Liver, Brain, Heart, Lung, Placenta, Spleen, Uterus, Pancreas, Testes etc) - [10-20 mg]

Faeces - [20-50 mg]

Dried blood Spots - [punched spots]

C.elegans - [2000 worms]

S.cerevisae - [biomass]

E.coli - [biomass]

Dental carries


Sample Collections: Quenching protocols for cell samples will be provided.

Sample storage: Please store the samples at -80°C immediately after the collection.

Sample delivery: Please deliver the frozen samples on dry ice to us.

Sample tubes: If you are freshly collecting the samples then we would prefer to have the samples in 1.5 ml eppendorf tubes. If samples are already collected and stored in other types of tubes, no problem we can process here.

Sample list: Please send us the sample list (fimm-metabolomics@helsinki.fi) in an excel file format with all the relevant details i.e., sample names, genotype, phenotype, type of sample, oganism, age, gender, treatment information (dietary or drug), available clinical data, time series data, additional information, tissue weights, cell number, protein quantification if available, if you would like to have your extra samples back or not etc.


Shipping address:

Laboratory Coordinator – Metabolomics Unit
Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM
Biomedicum Helsinki 2U, room E204b
Tukholmankatu 8
00290 Helsinki, Finland



Pricing is according to University of Helsinki pricing guidlines, and price per sample covers running costs, salaries of personnel, instrument maintenance and service contracts.

Pricing is subsidised for University of Helsinki researchers, other national and international academic groups and also for population cohorts (> 500 samples).

Different pricing is available for different sample types due to the nature of different extraction procedures.

Please inquire for exact quotations (fimm-metabolomics@helsinki.fi)

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