Olli Kallioniemi

Olli Kallioniemi, M.D., Ph.D. is Professor and Research Director at FIMM. Olli Kallioniemi received his M.D. in 1984, Ph.D. in 1988 and residency in laboratory medicine at the University of Tampere in Finland. He undertook a postdoc at UC San Francisco in 1990-1992 and was appointed faculty at the National Human Genome Research Institute, at the NIH (1995-2002). He founded and developed the Medical Biotechnology group at Turku, Finland together with the VTT Technical research Centre and University of Turku in 2002-2008.                                                                    

Olli Kallioniemi is an author of 310 publications, a member of the editorial board of six journals and invited lecturer in over 90 meetings during the past 4 years. He has supervised 20 doctoral theses.

Olli Kallioniemi
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Job title

Research Director
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