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We offer internationally recognized unique biomedical research environment in Helsinki. FIMM collaborates locally with the Faculty of Medicine, Helsinki University Hospital and National Institute for Health and Welfare. We are hosting a national Centre of Excellence in Complex Disease Genetics of the Academy of Finland and leading FinnGen, a large-scale genomics study of the Finnish population.

We promote research careers at different levels and participate in international researcher training. FIMM Group leaders will be provided with resources, capabilities and an exciting and fertile research environment to advance their careers in Finland.

The EMBL strategy for operating an international PhD program is used at FIMM. We are teaming up with the other Nordic EMBL nodes to operate PhD training in molecular medicine. These programs are associated with the domestic doctoral training programs in each country, which in the case of FIMM are the doctoral programs in the Doctoral School for Health Sciences at the University of Helsinki. Following the EMBL model, the PhD students will initially rotate between the different FIMM groups before selecting their primary group. Also international visits in the different Nordic EMBL nodes will be planned. FIMM group leaders will join University of Helsinki doctoral programs as mentors and their students will benefit from the courses and long-established programs.

For the Group Leaders, FIMM provides attractive sustainable support packages, including salaries for the group leader, 1-2 postdoctoral fellows, 2-3 doctoral students and technician(s), consumables and modern laboratory facilities. FIMM will also play an active role in postdoctoral recruitment, mentoring and career development. FIMM scientists will also be supported by the local outstanding research infrastructure services (see www.biomedicum.fi).


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