Päivi Östling

Dr. Östling is a Senior Researcher with a strong expertize in high throughput functional microRNA screening and oncology drug testing. Currently, she carries out translational research in the FIMM Grand Challenge on Individualized Systems Medicine. Her specific focus is on bringing precision medicine approaches to solid tumors by piloting treatment-resistant cell lines and patient-derived prostate and renal cell ex vivo cell models for drug sensitivity and resistance testing. To enable quick analytics of drug testing data she has been supervising the development of a web-based platform for user-friendly analysis combined with good data management of drug testing profiles. To deepen our understanding of oncology drug response profiles and identify biomarkers linked with them they use the reverse-phase protein array (RPPA) method. Similarly, they are harnessing the power of high-content imaging to stratify the oncology drug response. Using imaging one can study more complex phenotypes and teach the machine to help in their identification and quantitation. With these systems biology tools linked to our drug sensitivity and resistance testing platform they hope to bring precision medicine to the care of every cancer patient.

Selected publications

miR-183 in Prostate Cancer Cells Positively Regulates Synthesis and Serum Levels of Prostate-specific Antigen. Larne O, Östling P, Haflidadóttir BS, Hagman Z, Aakula A, Kohonen P, Kallioniemi O, Edsjö A, Bjartell A, Lilja H, Lundwall Å, Ceder Y. Eur Urol. 2014 Dec 30. doi: 10.1016/j.eururo.2014.12.025.

Androgen receptor interacting protein HSPBAP1 facilitates growth of prostate cancer cells in androgen-deficient conditions. Saeed K, Ostling P, Björkman M, Mirtti T, Alanen K, Vesterinen T, Sankila A, Lundin J, Lundin M, Rannikko A, Nordling S, Mpindi JP, Kohonen P, Iljin K, Kallioniemi O, Rantala JK. Int J Cancer. Oct 30. doi: 10.1002/ijc.29303, 2014

Systematic knockdown of epigenetic enzymes identifies a novel histone demethylase PHF8 overexpressed in prostate cancer with an impact on cell proliferation, migration and invasion. Björkman M, Östling P, Härmä V, Virtanen J, Mpindi JP, Rantala J, Mirtti T, Vesterinen T, Lundin M, Sankila A, Rannikko A, Kaivanto E, Kohonen P, Kallioniemi O, Nees M. Oncogene. Jul 19;31(29):3444-56, 2012

Functional identification of miR-193b targets in breast cancer cells by integrated proteomics and microarray profiling. Leivonen SK, Rokka A, Östling P, Kohonen P, Corthals G, Perälä M, Kallioniemi O. Mol Cell Proteomics. Jul;10(7), M110.005322, 2011

Systematic Analysis of MicroRNAs Targeting the Androgen Receptor in Prostate Cancer Cells. Östling P, Leivonen SK, Aakula A, Kohonen P, Mäkelä R, Hagman Z, Edsjö A, Kangaspeska S, Edgren H, Nicorici D, Bjartell A, Ceder Y, Perälä M, Kallioniemi O. Cancer Research. Mar 1;71(5):1956-1967, 2011

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+358 50 318 5017

Job title

Senior Researcher

Areas of expertise

High throughput screening
Molecular biology
Drug sensitivity and resistance testing
High content imaging
Reverse phase protein array
Prostate cancer
Androgen receptor
Treatment-resistant cell lines
Patient-derived ex vivo models

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M. Sc. (Biochemistry), Åbo Akademi Universit, Faculty of Biochemistry and Pharmacy, 1999
Ph.D. (Biochemistry), Turku Centre for Biotechnology, Åbo Akademi University, 2006
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