ESFRI Projects (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures)


The European Commission approved the creation of a new European research infrastructure — EATRIS ERIC in November 2013. EATRIS is the first biomedical ESFRI to be approved as an ERIC and only the third European research programme for which the European Commission has granted ERIC status. The Commission adopted also the BBMRI ERIC decision in late November 2013. FIMM director Olli Kallioniemi chairs the EATRIS Biomarkers Product Group - one of the five technology areas in EATRIS. Contact persons at FIMM: Professor Olli Kallioniemi and Dr. Imre Västrik. www.eatris.eu


EU-OPENSCREEN (European Infrastructure of Open Screening Platforms for Chemical Biology) integrates high throughput screening platforms, chemical libraries, chemical resources for hit discovery and optimisation, bio- and cheminformatics support, and a database containing screening results, assay protocols, and chemical information. In the preparatory phase (2010—2013), the network contained 21 partner institutes/institutions representing fourteen European countries. FIMM is the partner representing Finland in the network. Contact persons at FIMM: Group Leader Krister Wennerberg, Senior Researcher Heidi Virtanen and Professor Olli Kallioniemi (www.eu-openscreen.eu).


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