Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, Research Projects

MedBioinfomatics (2015-2018)

The primary aim of the MedBioinformatics (Creating medically-driven integrative bioinformatics applications focused on oncology, CNS disorders and their comorbidities) project is to develop integrative bioinformatics tools and software applications useful and autonomously usable by translational scientists and clinical practitioners for analysing the huge amount of data and knowledge generated in healthcare and biomedical research in order to facilitate translational research and precision medicine. The MedBioinformatics Consortium is composed by 9 highly qualified and experienced European research institutions: PSMAR-IMIM, UCPH, EBI-EMBL, FIMM, UOXF, BMD, UPF, VHIO and Synapse.

Contact person at FIMM: Professor Tero Aittokallio

Other team members:

  • Jing Tang
  • Zia ur Rehman
  • Krister Wennerberg
  • Olli Kallioniemi

More information: http://www.medbioinformatics.eu/


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