Personal Genomics Projects



KardioKompassi is FIMM’s first preventative health care pilot project utilizing personal genetic risk information and returning it to the participants. This pilot project was carried out in 2014-2015 in collaboration with the Finnish Red Cross Blood Services and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. The aim of KardioKompassi project was to study the ways of providing people with health-risk information based on genetic research data, the ways this information is used in preventive healthcare and its usefulness with respect to individual health behaviour. In this project, the transfer of genetic information to an individual’s personal online health account was also being tested for the first time in Finland. The application developed during the project is further developed and utilized in new research projects. Contact persons at FIMM: Professor Samuli Ripatti, Dr. Elisabeth Widén.



The experience gained during the KardioKompassi project was useful in planning a much larger study concentrating on the same research questions. In June 2014, Tekes decided to fund SalWe’s GET IT DONE programme of personalised diagnostics and care. FIMM is one of the several partners in the programme and the coordinator of the biggest subproject, called GeneRISK Study. The recruitment of participants started in February 2015. During the next two years, thousands of individuals will be recruited through Red Cross Blood Service, Mehiläinen Occupational Health Services and Carea (Kymenlaakso Hospital District). Each participant will go through a health check-up to define their risk for cardiovascular diseases, including evaluation of their genomic risk. The results will be returned to participants with couching to lower the risk. Contact persons at FIMM: Project Coordinator Johanna Aro, Professor Samuli Ripatti, Dr. Elisabeth Widén. www.generisk.fi


Digital Health Revolution

The Digital Health Revolution (DHR) project is one of the three new strategic research openings that Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, funded in June 2014. As defined by Tekes, these strategic research openings are “visionary projects aiming to make serious breakthroughs that will lay foundation for entirely new areas of business in the future”. The goal of the programme is to enable people to utilize data about themselves to facilitate understanding of their health and to engage in health-care interventions and services. The DHR project aims to combine longitudinal data from different sources about an individual’s state of health. Participants will receive a deep next-generation systems wellness health check-up every four months and their physical activity, sleep, heart rate and time spent on computer will be monitored using electronic sensors and smart phone apps (quantified self tracking). Molecular profiling data (genomics, metabolomics and microbiome), self-monitored health data and other everyday data comprising the personal digital footprint are collected in a systematic way. The programme as a whole is coordinated by the Centre for Health and Technology, University of Oulu. FIMM is responsible for planning and coordinating the pilot projects of wellness research. The first pilot project will start during 2015. Contact persons at FIMM: Project Coordinator Riitta Sallinen, Professor Olli Kallioniemi. www.digitalhealthrevolution.fi


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