Systems Biomedicine and Precision Therapeutics

Systems Biomedicine focus on cancer and inflammation. Research in this area develops high throughput screening technologies and bioinformatics tools for system-level data analysis. These tools enable to combine data produced by the screening with similar system-level information from other resources to discover disease mechanisms.

You can learn more about the Principal Investigators and their research groups and projects in Systems Biomedicine by clicking the turning boxes below. In addition, several FIMM Senior Researchers have their own research projects.


A list of Senior Researchers in Systems Biomedicine: 

Taija af Hällström

Milla Kibble

Nina Linder

Pirkko Mattila

Vilja Pietiäinen

Gretchen Repasky

Jani Saarela

Riitta Sallinen

Vidya Velagapudi

Heidi Virtanen

Markus Vähä-Koskela

Maija Wolf

Päivi Östling




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