Meilahti Integrated Biobank Infrastructure (MIBI)


In 2011, FIMM and THL joined forces and created a next generation biobanking facility, the Meilahti Integrated Biobank Infrastructure (MIBI). MIBI, which offers a wide range of biobanking services for all interested research projects collecting samples and data, is now a leading biobanking infrastructure in Finland. Its experts can offer consultation on how to build a biobank (ethical, consent, legal, technological, informatics, funding and scientific advice) as well as give an overview of the wide technological capabilities that can make use of the sample collections.

MIBI stores samples from nearly 200 000 sample donors, and the infrastructure provides several capabilities for sample processing and analysis by state-of-the-art technologies. MIBI does not own the samples stored or processed in its facility but the custodian of a sample collection has the right to decide on the disposition of the samples.



Last updated: 14.11.2018 - 13:33