Biobanking Infrastructure


Biobanks of human biological samples with associated medical data represent a vital resource in unraveling the etiology of diseases, identification and validation of new diagnostic methods as well as advancing personalized medicine. Biobanking can bridge basic, translational, and clinical research and life-science industry, and help in the assessment of health care outcomes and efficiency. Today, biobanking is not only about collecting and storing samples. It is all about building a comprehensive and systematic approach to managing samples, sample donor data and data generated by deep molecular profiling.

Today, a lot of modern technologies are available for biomedical research. This has created a need for more professional sample processing, storage and management system that allows rapid access to high quality samples and associated data. Meilahti Integrated Biobank Infrastructure (MIBI), a joint facility of FIMM and THL, offers researchers  a wide selection of biobanking services. FIMM's Molecular Pathology Laboratory provides routine services for tissue-based research such as tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, staining, and TMA preparation.

Last updated: 21.12.2016 - 12:05