Sample Storage System

MIBI has invested in the set up of a liquid nitrogen based sample storage facility. This system provides secure and controlled storage of samples in liquid nitrogen vapour phase with an automated storage condition monitoring and recording system. The facility currently has the capasity to store over 600 000 samples (in two millimeter cryovials) and a possibility of expanding the capacity to about 1,7 million samples in cryovials, and much more in smaller volume vessels, e.g., microplates. 

For most widely used sample collections MIBI has an automated storage system NitroStore. The capacity of NitroStore is 200 000 samples, 100000 in -20C, and -80C each. NitroStore significantly increases productivity by speeding up cherry picking of samples.


Nucleic Acid Extraction Robotics

For automated high-troughput nucleic acid extraction MIBI has two Chemagic MSM1 robots from PerkinElmer Chemagen. Based on M-PVA magnetic bead technology these equipment enable DNA extraction from diverse starting materials e.g. whole blood, tissue, cells, saliva, buccal swabs etc for several different downstream applications.


Liquid Handling Robotics

To improve throughput and minimize variation between samples various liquid handling procedures e.g. serum aliquoting, DNA aliquoting and normalisation are performed using two liquid handling robots from Tecan: Tecan Freedom EVO, and Tecan Genesis.


LIMS System

High-quality sample logistics in MIBI is guaranteed by SamWise database/LIMS system specifically developed in-house for biobanking. The system covers all steps of the sample flow: data entry including recording the arriving samples, sample quality and quantity measurements, various different laboratory workflows, sample aliquoting data, sample locations, distribution of the samples and possible exceptions in process, etc.




Last updated: 08.05.2014 - 17:44