Policies and costs


Biobanking procedures will be conducted in accordance with international ethical recommendations, as well as international and national biobanking guidelines. Best practices will be followed, the most important being the BBMRI process and the Finnish participation in the BBMRI network (BBMRI.fi).

The operational costs for sample delivery and data management set-up will partially be covered through user fees. However, in the case of mutual scientific and translational interest, the costs for sample storage, processing and analysis can be divided between the owner of the sample collection and FIMM/THL.

A representative example of the cost for sample storage at FIMM (-180°C, liquid nitrogen vapour phase):

Set-up cost: 500 €
Sample storage cost: 300 €/year per one rack1
Sample picking cost: 34 €/hour
Sample delivery cost: to be defined

1) one rack contains 1300 pieces 2 ml cryovials


Price for DNA extraction and aliquoting depends on the sample type and volume as well as the quality control methods required.





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