TMA Instrumentation

Minicore 3 is a semiautomatic TMA instrument. With this instrument we are able to make multiple identical TMA blocks at a time by collecting cores of either 0,6 mm or 1,0 mm in diameter. One TMA block can contain up to maximum of 300 cores. We also have manual methods for larger punches.


Tissue Processor

Tissue an cell samples are processed with KOS rapid tissue processor that utilizes microwaves. KOS is also suitable for decalcifications, special stainings and  fixations.


Embedding Center

Paraffinized samples are embedded in paraffin with Microm EC 350 Paraffin Embedding Center.


Motorized Microtome with STS

Sectioning is done with a motorized rotary microtome (Microm HM 355 S) with section transfer system ("Waterfall").  Use of this instrument  allows for accurate sectioning with minimal loss of tissue.


IHC Stainings

Immunohistochemical stainings are mainly done utilizing the LabVision's PT Module and Autostainer 480 instrument.



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