Policies and costs


All customers will be served on a first come, first served basis. The turn-around times for sectioning, staining and tissue microarrays will thus be determined by work load and staffing. 

TMA pricing is based on the concept of a tissue core ranging from 0,6 to 1 mm in diameter, taken from a formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue block. Cost per core to be punched is 2 eur (VAT 0%).
Sectioning of a TMA block is based on the concept of a five slide set. Cost per slide set to be sectioned is 30 eur (VAT 0%).

An example:

• Charge for preparing a 100 punch TMA block: 2 eur x 100 = 200 eur
• Charge for sectioning of 5 slides: 30 eur
• Total cost: 200 eur + 30 eur = 230 eur

Tissue processing, embedding, sectioning and staining are charged based on working hours and reagent costs. 




Last updated: 19.01.2016 - 10:42