EATRIS Infrastructures


FIMM is a core unit within EATRIS, the European ESFRI infrastructure for translational medicine. FIMM provides a wide range of services for translational research projects.


The intention of translational research is the development of research findings into clinical applications.

Translational research often requires the involvement of specialty technology platforms, expertise, sample types and numbers, that may not be easily accessible to an academic research investigator, or to a small enterprise.

To address this bottleneck, EATRIS supports translational researchers in academia and SMEs by matching experts, high-end academic infrastructures, and biobanks in 75+ institutions across Europe to meet project requirements, thus enabling efficient execution of the translational research process.

EATRIS also provides assistance and guidance in project planning, execution, regulatory affairs, and product commercialization. This is achieved through experts and centers of expertise affiliated or otherwise collaborating with EATRIS.

Finland is one of the founding members of EATRIS.





https://www.fimm.fi/en/services/technology-centre; https://www.fimm.fi/fi/teknologiapalvelut



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