Bioinformatics Team

Many of the technologies and services offered by FIMM produce considerable amount of data. To help our customers to handle and interpret the data we can also manage and analyze it. In particular we can provide help in the following areas:


Quality control and data management of genotyping, gene-expression, and epigenetic data. Association analysis and other applicable analyses of the result data. Archiving of the data for future retrieval

Next generation sequencing

Alignment of sequence reads to reference and visualization; gene, transcript, exon and miRNA quantification (RNA-Seq); identification of aberrant/spliced transcripts; identification of binding sites in the genome (ChIP-Seq); archiving of sequence reads.

High-throughput screening

Data management, normalization, quality control and analysis of data produced by robotized screening.


We can also integrate data from multiple sources, such as reference databases, to extract knowledge from the data.

Last updated: 24.10.2019 - 12:12