Digital microscopy and molecular pathology unit

Tired of spending hours of finding your slides and taking images of your samples? Let us convert your computer screen into a microscope and virtual slide repository while you do the science!


Service description


The digital microscopy and molecular pathology unit provides high throughput whole-slide scanning services for all customers. We offer quick, high-quality and cost-efficient wide-field microscope imaging for bright field and fluorescence.

We can provide your digitized slide data with WebMicroscope software. The webmicroscopy is developed by the Lundin group. It is a method of digitizing entire microscope specimens and viewing as well as processing the virtual slides through a web interface. More information: FIMMIC



  • 3D HISTECH Pannoramic 250 Flash III, with 20x (NA 0.8), 40x (NA 0.95) air objectives

  • Zeiss Azio Imager Z2 equipped with MetaSystems Metafer VSlide 20x, 40x and 63x  (NA 1.4) oil objectives

  • Zeiss Azio Scan Z.1 with20x  (NA 0.8) and 40x (NA 0.95) air objectives. Macroslide (52 mm x 76 mm) scanning possibility!

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