Follow the instructions below to proceed with your digital slide scanning request:


1) Read the FIMM slide scanning service terms and conditions before you send your order to us and fill the order form carefully.

2) Submit the order form.

3) FIMM will send you a slide order excel-file to be filled with your slide codes and scanning method. Return filled slide order excel-file to us by e-mail (fimm-scanning@helsinki.fi). FIMM will send you 2D barcode labels to stick onto your slides and a box for the slides for sending your slide to us. Barcodes should be attached in the label area of the slide, as straight as possible (the equipment cannot read incorrectly attached labels).

4) After scanning is completed, FIMM will provide you with digitized slide data in your preferred form and will return your slides.

  • Download box (batch download). You will receive an email notification with a link to download your digitized slides.
  • Aiforia account. The Aiforia Software is a complete software package for virtual microscopy. It is designed to store, share and analyze large, gigapixel-size, whole slide images of scanned tissues and biopsies. Aiforia is an open web-based platform, and independent from scanner model or a brand.

5) Digitized slides will be scanned in .jpeg format by default (compression quality 95%). The data is structured as .mrxs file format which can be viewed with format can be viewed with CaseViewer software. Notice that CaseViewer software is currently available only for Windows.



Instructions for preparing the slides for scanning:

1) The slides should be clean and in good condition — no air pockets under cover slip, no dirt or fingerprints, no markings, no broken slides, no scratches, no overhanging cover slip, etc. Clean the slides with a cotton rag or trim any protruding mounting medium with a razor blade or scalpel.

2) The section should ideally be located in the middle of the slide.

3) Make sure that the coverslip is properly placed on the slide (no overhanging edges/corners).

4) The mountant/glue should be strong and/or dry enough to hold the coverslip in place even if the slide is tilted on its side overnight.

5) Remove all sensitive and unwanted information off the slides.

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