Terms and conditions

By ordering the slide scanning service from FIMM, you agree to the following standard scanning service terms and conditions:

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the digitalized slides or our services, FIMM will rescan your slides free of charge. FIMM provides you your digital slides in your chosen form.  Please verify the reception of scanned data and report in seven days after you receive them do you accept the scanning quality. However, FIMM cannot guarantee that the scanning quality will be satisfactory after re-scan, if there are non-imaging related factors affecting the quality of the slides (including but not limited to tissue folding, weak staining, incompatible fluorescent tag).

FIMM accepts and scans only fixed-tissue or cytological sample slides. Please note that FIMM´s scanner is not a medical device and that FIMM intends that the digital slide images be used for only research and education purposes.

FIMM will perform the scanning services as soon as possible depending on number of slides being in the queue.  All orders will process in order of arrival. Please note that the scanning of 40x, 63x, cytological and fluorescent slides takes longer time. FIMM cannot guarantee specific delivery times; we can address larger orders or specific completion or delivery times by special agreement.

FIMM will store your digitized slides for six months on FIMM server. On expiration date, FIMM will make a back-up copy but will remove the data from FIMM server. If the customer is willing to store the digitized slides for longer period than six months in FIMM server it can be arranged as an additional service.

FIMM provides you a box for your slides and you agree to pack the glass slides in a safe and secure way to ensure that the slides are protected against breakage. FIMM handles your slides with professional care. If FIMM accidentally damages your slides, FIMM will scan additional slides of your choosing, equal to the number of damaged slides, without any additional cost to you.

FIMM is not liable for any damage to your slides that happens during shipment or that that is due to improper packing of the slides by the sender.

You agree that FIMM is not be liable for any consequential, exemplary, special, indirect or incidental damages or for any damages caused by a delay in services that have been presented under this agreement.

FIMM is not liable for damage of whatever type (including, but not limited to, general or specific damage, indirect damage, consequential damage or incidental damage, including the results of the analysis of the digitalized slides, for example: change of health status related to erroneous diagnosis from the digitalized slide(s)) that are a result of or is associated with digitized slides, quality of staining, quality of stained slides, quality of used method of staining. In case label(s) provided by FIMM are not used by the sender, FIMM reserves the rights to use any label(s) and is not liable for incorrect labeling of any slide(s).

Last updated: 14.08.2015 - 09:07