Electron microscopy sample preparation

Electron microscopy (EM) is one of the basic characterization techniques used to verify the success of EV isolation and to detect specific antigens such as EV marker proteins directly in situ. EM allows visualization and quantification of the morphology, size distribution and labelling of the EVs. It also gives information of the purity of EV preparations.

EM service of the EV Core provides characterization of EVs particularly in the size range of:

  • Exosomes
  • Microvesicles

Analysis of EVs by electron microscopy (EM) shows the morphology, purity and size range of the EV preparation. Immuno-EM indicates the presence of target molecules on the EVs. 



EV Core FIMM provides EM and immuno-EM sample preparation using whole mount samples and negative staining protocol and, optionally, microscopy of the EV samples.

Basic solutions and disposables are provided. The suspension buffer of the EV sample should preferably be filtered with 0,1-0.2 µm filter to deplete any external particles in the sample.


New customers or projects

Please contact the EV-unit personnel to discuss the experimental setup:

Contact us (via e-mail or phone) EV-core@helsinki.fi maija.puhka@helsinki.fi, phone: +358-400-826 846.


When making an order, please provide the following information:

  • Researcher’s full name, e-mail address and phone number
  • Department or research group
  • Principal investigator or supervisor contact information
  • Short description of the project
  • Billing information (H- and WBS-numbers from academic customers)


EV core facility collaborates with the EM unit, Institute of Biotechnology, Viikki

Director Eija Jokitalo, +358-2-941 59504 (office), +358-50-469 6799 (mobile)


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