Genotyping Unit

Note! Genotyping lab shall be closed December 26 - 30, 2016!

News! Mouse speed congenics genotyping available by NGS!

We now provide mouse SNP genotyping by use of a next generation sequencing panel of 1447 SNPs. The sequencing panel was set up in order to replace the old Illumina MouseMD Linkage chip, which no longer is available. With this new panel Speed congenics genotyping is easier than ever, as the SNPs included are annotated to the mouse mm10 build and can easily be found in mouse SNP databases.


Genotyping Unit provides the following services:

  • SNP Genotyping and CNV analysis
  • DNA methylation analysis
  • Cell line authentication
  • Mouse speed congenics SNP genotyping


We emphasize quality control both in laboratory and in data handling, with e.g. standardized laboratory workflows, use of electronic laboratory notebook, and in-house developed database tools to ensure reliability for our first-class services. We are also flexible for projects of various kinds and different sizes. In 2013, the Genomics Unit produced approximately 982 million genotypes or gene expression results on a total of 55 848 samples carried out in 45 projects. We analyze both human samples and samples from any other organisms.

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