DNA requirements


Samples for Cell line authentication can be sent in tubes. Provide all the other samples in skirted 96-well plates.

  •     0,2 ml plate (Thermo Scientific Cat. # AB-0800_L or 4Titude Cat.# 4ti-0740)
  •     0,8 ml plate (Thermo Scientific Cat. # AB-0765)

All samples within a project should be diluted in the same concentration. Note! We recommend that the concentration is measured with two independent methods, e.g. in addition to NanoDrop with PicoGreen or Qubit.

Method Sample requirement Sample volume Concentration Diluted in
Sequenom 120 ng for first multiplex, 20 ng more for each additional multiplex

12 µl / one multiplex + 2 µl for each additional multiplex

10 ng/µl Nuclease-free water
Roche LightCycler 120 ng for first SNP, 20 ng more for each additional SNP 12 µl + 2 ul for each additional SNP 10 ng/µl Nuclease-free water
Epityper DNA Methylation Analysis 1000 ng 20 µl 50 ng/µl Nuclease-free water
Illumina Arrays 500 ng 10 µl 50 ng/µl 1 x TE *
Illumina DNA Methylation Analysis 1000 - 1500 ng 20 - 30 µl 50 ng/µl 1 x TE
Cell Line Authentication 30 ng 6 µl 5 ng/µl Nuclease-free water
Mouse Speed congenics min. 250ng 10 µl 50 ng/µl 1 x TE


*1 x TE (10 mM Tris-HCl, 1mM EDTA)

  • Sequenom and Roche LightCycler: Provide 90 unique samples and two duplicate samples per 96-plate. The rest four wells are filled with controls by us.
  • Illumina arrays: In case / control projects you should consider duplicating one or more samples per 96-well plate for quality control.


Last updated: 03.07.2018 - 09:28