High Content Imaging and Analysis

FIMM High Content Imaging and Analysis (FIMM-HCA) has been set up to advance high-content and high-throughput imaging and image analysis. This new facility is open access core unit, that started operation at the beginning of 2017, with harmonized operating principles, access and user policy within HELMI (Helsinki Advanced Light Microscopy Imaging Platform), together with BIU-LM and LMU-BI.

FIMM-HCA provides automated high-content screening microscopes (a spinning-disk confocal with live imaging option and a widefield) for imaging and guidance for image analysis and data management. We train all users to use the equipment and software available in the unit. FIMM-HCA is based on a scientific core competence of personnel in high-content imaging, image analysis and software development as well as cell-based screening. We work closely together with FIMM HTB unit in setting up the cell-based high-content assays with robotics. The staff also has a long-term experience in Pharma and industrial collaborations.

FIMM-HCA personnel are actively participating and gaining knowledge from the following networks:

  • COST action NEUBIAS CA15124 (Network of European BioImage Analysts)
  • SBI2 (Society for Biomolecular Imaging and Informatics)
  • EuCAI (European Cell Based Assay interest group)

The major developments towards establishment of this core unit have been carried out first as partners in the EU FP7 project Systems Microscopy Network of Excellence (2011-2015), and continued in the TEKES funded FiDiPro fellow project (2014-), as well as in the academic groups at FIMM (HorvathKallioniemi).

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