High Throughput Biomedicine Unit (HTB)

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High throughput screening services:

Reagents and instruments:

Advice and assistance with:

  • Various aspects of drug discovery and high thoughput screening
  • Chemoinformatics and medicinal chemistry
*** The DSRT is primarily for research purposes. It is not (yet) approved for clinincal use and remains experimental in nature. All tests on patients' material should be initiated through patient's primary point of care and only his/her doctor can interpret the DSRT results and make the decision on the most suitable treatment option.




Selected publications

Kuusanmäki H et al. 2017. Drug sensitivity profiling identifies potential therapies for lymphoproliferative disorders with overactive JAK/STAT3 signaling. Oncotarget. Vol. 8, (No. 57), pp: 97516-97527.

Pemovska, T., et al.  2015. Axitinib effectively inhibits BCR-ABL1(T315I) with a distinct binding conformation. Nature. 519, 7541, p. 102-225

van Adrichem, A. J., et al. 2015. Discovery of MINC1, a GTPase-Activating Protein Small Molecule Inhibitor, Targeting MgcRacGAP. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening. 18, 1, p. 3-17

Pemovska T. et al. 2013. Individualized Systems Medicine (ISM) strategy to tailor treatments for patients with chemorefractory acute myeloid leukemia. Cancer Discovery. 3, p. 1416-29.

A full publication list can be found here.

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